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Внимание, друзья! :)

Если мы зафрендили вас, это значит, в первую очередь, что:
1) Вы любите акустическую музыку

2) Следовательно, мы хотим пригласить вас на отличный фестиваль "Длина волны", информация о котором - постом ниже. :) все вопросы можно задавать там же, или на е-мэйл sintetaza@mail.ru (Володя)


Длина волны '2012

Тринадцатого мая (13), в воскресенье, мы делаем Второй фестиваль Акустической Музыки "Длина волны". Здесь почти каждое слово - с большой буквы, и это неслучайно. Нам действительно кажется, что это цвет современной акустической музыки - если не России, то Москвы и Белгорода (представителем которого является Гуша Катушкин).
Фестиваль называется "Длина волны" - это название осталось с первого раза, когда фестиваль проводился в ДК МГТУ. Это было в прошлом году. Сейчас он будет проходить в отличном, очень уютном и в то же время достаточно большом зале Тургеневской библиотеки (в двух минутах ходьбы от метро "Чистые пруды" - Бобров пер., дом 6).
В зале нет буфета, там нельзя курить. Однако буфет есть рядом, и в перерыве зрители смогут попить чая и перекусить.
Начало фестиваля - в 18.00, окончание - в 21.30.
За это время выступят шесть самобытных авторов и групп, имена которых вам, возможно, известны: Гуша Катушкин (Белгород), Маша Badda Boo, гр. суХие, гр. Братья Дзынь, Евгения Рыбакова, Константин Тарновский.
Наша цель - познакомить с этой музыкой тех, кто с ней еще не знаком, а тем, кто знаком, дать возможность еще раз насладиться ею в хорошем зале, в доброжелательной атмосфере.
Встреча в контакте: http://vk.com/wavelength2012 - присоединяйесь, не стесняйтесь, пишите пожелания  и вопросы! :)

Вход - в предпродаже - 200 рублей (уточняйте по тел. 8 (495) 625 58 55), по флаеру - 350, в день мероприятия - 400 рублей.
Будем рады вас видеть и слушать эту музыку вместе с вами.

concerts and gigs

From this day I'm going to use this page for informing you about interesting acoustic concerts and gigs in Moscow!
See you later. :)

English tracker

Can anyone suggest me some nice  british or american torrent-tracker?


I have an old computer which has been standing idle for 1,5 year since it was set last time. It was dying slowly, at first it loaded after 10 minutes, then after 15, then after 40 and at last the day came when it failed to set at all. A computer-man, who came next, said, it was a motherboard that’d passed on. The contacts had oxidized and it was impossible to use it.


One day I managed to find two old motherboards and buy them, paying symbolic $3. Then I called Sasha White (in russian “Bely” – he has a fear hair and it was back in 2000 in school when he got the nick therefore).


He came and first thing he said was that one of two motherboards did not have a processor, and mine one was not apt, appropriate. Then we cleaned my old computer and tried to switch it on, but it was futile. We tried to set one motherboard to another procesor, changed cabinets, and Bely twice went home to bring new components. Then we heard long periodic bip from computer and started to explore what this syngal could mean? We looked through some sites and forums and find a couple of articles.


-         AWARD, AMI… What does it mean: “Phoenix” [I said - fooeneeks]? – I asked myself and Bely. – Not the first time I face this word and I always fail to learn [keep in mind] what does it mean [in Russian] – I said. One girl, you know, has a livejournal account ‘phoenix_art”, and I always fail to keep this word in mind.

-         And where do you face it? – Bely asked.

-         Here now, look, AWARD, AMI… Phoenix.

-         Well, AWARD and AMI are companies that produce BIOS boards…And phoenix… It doesn’t exist now, but there was such a company - He said thoughtful. – But… Well, but you have a Phoenix, don’t you? – he said suddenly. And “Phoenix”- it may be ‘fenix’ (phoenix in russian)

It was Phoenix, that I had. But it wasn’t mine motherboard and mine Bios. It was purhcased one. We tried to set another, tried to set mine, tried to learn, what the sygnals of Phoenix mean, and it was in vain, but one was clear, that no one of the details was able to work. At last I said to Bely: “Well, leave it to me and go, I’ll tru to do more experiments with cabinets and this processor”. Bely started to laugh unexpectedly. “What? – I said. – Why d’you laugh such a coarse laugh?”


“You won’t make an exeriment with this. Look at the socket” – he answered, showing to me a broken processor, which he had been trying to take off from motherboard.

“Ok” – I said.

So, we repeaired a computer.

Nov. 22nd, 2007

The situation in Russia.

Wanna tell you a couple of words about the situation in Russia. Well, Russia now is enveloped by the great fog of so called 'ruling party' and its dictate. Yesterday the president of Russia spoke at the meeting of his adherents. These adherents, I'd rather say, were brought in like cattle - most of them are people from poor cities and towns drawn by propaganda. But thi propaganda, I should say, has no ideology. Narrow 'patriotism' which is tried to be spread base just on some money which these people get for their presence at these numerous meetings and mobs. Some of them enrol in pro-governmental alliances, unions. They have no ideology but common words about welfare, prosperity and, of course, security. As western journals report, just 6 per cent of muscovites can explain notorious 'Putin's plan', but 65 per cent support it.

All this let the president behave himself as a dictator. In his speach straight words of Lenin were recognised, words about 'enemies, who want to make a harm to our country'. The president himself began to look like a Franco o Duce, long jacket without a tye, casi informal view but the voice does not bear any apellations. I do not know how people in charge, from parliament and government shake hands with the president - since for them he's a God! They are they, this part of bureaucracy, who desire prolonging of Putin's ruling because this army of officials feel not bad in this situation - being just around their 'sovereign' they are not really in charge of anything.

It's a curiosity that word 'plan' means in Russian not only 'plan' itself, but also 'marijuana, hasheesh'. So some of the small group of russian opposition made up a slogan: "What will we see when Putin's plan is over"? and one more: "When you give up blowing a Putin's plan?". : )
Since I'm 'some kind of'. musician, I'd like to present you a piece of Russian music. ;)
There are a lot of bands here, both with russian and with english lirycs. Don't know why but some prefer to start with english texts but they are not so popular as russian ones. There's no demand. Why? There are a lot of british or american bands to listen to which play more professionaly and sing without an accent. ;) And really, one thing more is that they search public and make ground here, in Russia, so why they'd sing in English.
First of all, Multfilmy, a band from Saint-Petersburg. S.-Pb has always been the most european Russian city, I suppose. Comparing with Moscow with her temples and Soviet-style architecture it may seem european.
Multfilmy ([Mooltfeelmy]) is one of few really brit-pop bands, with funny lyrics and they're really enjoyable.

I will be glad to get some comments on this music. How d'you like it?

And winter is already here.


situation in Russia

Well, not so many but some of my friends are abroad. It is all right, it is really good on the one hand. But it is not a splendid tendency. Every time, when I encounter an interesting  person in LJ who speaks Russian, he or she turns out to be in Geneva, US, London and so on. But they are russian people. (Goddamn, it is already difficult for me to express my thoughts in english, occure either russian or spanish words. Ojalá 'ya' instead of 'already' and so on! Goddamn).

It's a pity that you can forget language so easily.
Just came from Mitinski open-air market. There, in the backyard of the market itself, just outdoors (the main part of it is already covered) remains a spirit of the 'democracy' of ninety ninetieths: illegal DVD, venders and tradesmen-caucasians with their eternal plastic cups with tea and coffee. They sell films which have not been released yet, they chuck pieces of snow at each other and seem to be cheerful.